Loose Ends Project

Why it’s important to finish a handmade project

Become a Finisher

Handmade items are gestures of love. The time, expense, and skill that go into making them are impossible to quantify. When you wear something made special for you, it feels good — you were thoughtfully considered with each stitch. When a maker dies mid-project, this tangible, handmade expression of love could get lost, donated away, or thrown out.

Or, it can be finished as intended and given back to be cherished.

Submit a Project

When Loose Ends receives a project submission, we look through our database of finishers to find a good match. With an eye toward geography, skill level, and druthers, we will identify a good fit based on the information volunteer finishers submitted in their profiles. The next step is running this by the finishers themselves to find out if they’re feeling it too.

Once a finisher says yes to a project, we make the connection by introducing the finisher and project holder in an email. Then… we step away and let the project evolve within this new connection. We are always here to troubleshoot, advise or reassign if needed.